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Information about Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Vogel

Prof. Dr. VogelProf. Dr. Hans Ulrich Vogel


Hans Ulrich Vogel was appointed professor for Chinese History and Society at the Institute of Chinese and Korean Studies of Tübingen University in 1994. His research interests concentrate on the economic, social and cultural history as well as the history of sciences and technology of traditional China. He has published numerous articles in periodicals and books on the history of mining, salt production, money, weights and measures, and urban history, as well as on the history of physical exercises, especially kickball, thus highlighting a variety of economic, social, political, cultural and religious aspects and their interrelations. Monographs published by him include: Lokale Verwaltung und Bodenpolitik der Himmlischen Dynastie des Großen Friedens (1850-1864) [Local administration and land policy of the Taiping Tianguo (1850-1864)], Hamburg 1981, Untersuchungen über die Salzgeschichte von Sichuan (311 v.Chr. 1911): Strukturen des Monopols und der Produktion [Investigations on the salt history of Sichuan (311 B.C.-1911): structures of monopoly and production], Stuttgart 1990, Salt Production Techniques in Ancient China: The Aobo tu, Leiden 1992) The volume The Salt Industry, Section 37 of Needham's Science and Civilisation in China, is in press. Moreover, since 1999 Hans Ulrich Vogel is the editor of the journal East Asian Science, Technology, and Medicine. He is Honorary Associate of the Needham Research Institute in Cambridge and Corresponding Member of the Advisory Committee of the Center of Scientific Studies on Cultural Heritage, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.

Research topic

"A History of Mining in Southern Hunan, Eighteenth to Nineteenth Centuries: Political, Social, and Economic Dimensions"

Collaborator (1)

Dr. Werner Burger

Name of the Project of the Collaborator

"Qing Coinage, 1850 to 1911: Mint Statistics, Numismatic Evidence, and Monetary Policy"

Collaborator (2)

CHEN Hailian, cand. phil.

Name of the Project of the Collaborator

"The Zinc Administration in Southwest China, 1700-1850: Institutional, Economic and Social Case Studies"

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