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錢本草 張說 著

錢, 味甘,大熱,有毒。偏能駐顏,彩澤流潤。善療飢寒困戹之患,立驗。能利邦國,汙賢達,畏清廉。貪婪者服之。以均平為良;如不均平,則冷熱相激,令人霍亂。 其藥,采無時,采至非理則傷神。此既流行,能役神靈,通鬼氣。如積而不散,則有水火盜賊之災生;如散而不積,則有飢寒困戹之患至。一積一散謂之道,不以爲 珍謂之德,取與合宜謂之義,使無非分謂之禮,博施濟衆謂之仁,出不失期謂之信,入不妨已謂之智。以此七術精煉方可。久而服之,令人長壽。若服之非理,則弱 志傷神,切須忌之。
欽定全唐文 卷226 張說,匯文書局印行,第5冊,嘉慶19年閏2月12日

The Cash Pharmacopoeia, by Zhang Yue [667 - 730]

Cash: sweet taste; great heat; there is poisonous. Nevertheless it can preserve a youthful appearance, with a lot of color and moisture in the face. It is good in healing sufferings from hunger, cold, distress and poverty. It is immediately efficacious. It is able to benefit country and state, but corrupts [even] eminent persons, and causes fear [even] to the upright and the honest. Those who are greedy swallow it. It is good when taken in a balanced way. If taken in an unbalanced manner, then cold and heat will clash and result in choleric disorders (huoluan). There is no specific time for gathering this drug, but when gathering is carried out to an unreasonable extreme degree, the spirits are hurt. As long as it circulates, it is able to subdue the numinosity of gods and to influence the qi of ghosts. If only accumulated and not distributed, then it is exposed to the disasters of floods, fire, thieves and bandits; if only distributed and not accumulated, then such catastrophes as hunger, cold, distress and poverty come to your door. Accumulating and at the same time distributing, this is called the Way (dao); not to hold it in [too] high esteem, this is called Virtue (de); taking and giving properly, this is called Righteousness (yi); using it by not overstepping ones social duties, this is called Propriety (li); to donate generously in charity and support the masses, this is called Benevolence (ren); in spending not to miss the deadline, this is called Trust (xin); in taking in not to harm oneself, this is called Wisdom (zhi). It is only admissible, if one is well versed in these Seven Arts. Swallowing it will result in long life. If, however, one takes it unreasonably, it will weaken your will and hurt your spirits. This must be strictly avoided.

Translated by Shan Kunqin, Hans Ulrich Vogel, et al., Tübingen, winter of 2007

Zhang Yue 張說 (667-730), with the styles Daoji 道濟 and Yuezhi 說之, was from Luoyang in Henan province. He was a high official in the Royal Household during the Zhongzong 中宗 (705-710) Ruizong 睿宗 (710-712) and Xuanzong 玄宗 (713-755) reign-periods of the Tang-Dynasty (618-907) and was famous for his style of writing. He wrote the most important royal documents of his time. His surviving work Zhang Yangong ji 張燕公集 (The Collections of Zhang, Duke of Yan, 25 ce) was selected for inclusion in the Siku quanshu 四庫全書 (Complete Library of Four Branches of Literature, 18th century).

Shan Kunqin

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